About RadonCONTROL

RADONCONTROL S.A. is a unique spin-off in Romania that combines research results from the “Constantin Cosma” Radon Testing Laboratory (LiRaCC) at Babeș-Bolyai University with the experience, vision and capital of private investors to offer specific services and products in the field of radon.
The LiRaCC laboratory is a complete laboratory in Romania in the field of radon, authorized by the National Commission for the Control of Nuclear Activities – CNCAN through CNCAN Designation Certificate no. LI 04_LiRaCC_UBB/2018 to perform investigations and measurement of radon concentration in samples of environmental factors (air, water, soil), by adopting national and European standards in current practice in test procedures.
The experience and international recognition of more than 18 years of the research team and the research infrastructure developed through the successful implementation of 18 national/international research projects have consolidated within LiRaCC a core of high-level scientific competence in radon research.
Examples of this are the completed/ongoing projects that have brought us recognition in the radon field:
(1) the creation, to date, of the first database on radon measurements by the passive indoor air measurement method in Romania, containing about 7,000 measurements;
(2) the elaboration of the radon map for 25 counties, mainly located in the Central, Western and North-Western regions of Romania, integrated in the coordinates recommended by the European Commission (EC – JRC), within the project “Radon map (residential, geogenic, water) for the Central, Western and North-Western regions of Romania -RAMARO”;
(3) successful development and implementation, in a national first, of radon remediation methods in houses in the Băița-Ștei area (Bihor county), within the POSCCE pilot project “Implementation of radon remediation techniques in houses in the mine area
uranium mine of Baita – IRART”;
(4) European first development, testing, validation and certification of a prototype intelligent indoor air quality monitoring system (radon, CO2, CO, VOC, temperature, pressure, humidity) with remote data transmission, in the framework of the project “Intelligent systems for population safety through control and reduction of radon exposure correlated with optimization of energy efficiency of dwellings in major urban agglomerations in Romania – SMART_RAD_EN”;
(5) development for the metropolitan areas of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara and Sibiu of high resolution interactive maps based on radon results, correlated with indoor environment quality parameters and energy efficiency index for 1000 houses investigated in the SMART_RAD_EN project (www.smartradon.ro).

DR. KInga Henning
CS III Ancuta Tenter
DRD. Pap Istvan
DR. Florica Stefan

Radon measurements performed in the LiRaCC UBB Cluj-Napoca laboratory! Complete solutions for testing, diagnosing and remediating radon in buildings!